Terms and Conditions

The collection and processing of your data is necessary for the execution of the contract between you and bookingpratonevoso.com so that we can provide you with our service. This includes:

● Registration. By registering or authenticating the customer, you give bookingpratonevoso.com your consent to identify and access the site’s services.

● Analytics. The services described in this section allow the Data Controller to check and analyze traffic data. The services also allow tracking of customer behavior.

● Email and contact management. These services allow the management of email contacts and other contacts used to communicate with the customer. The services may also allow the collection of data relating to the date and time of display of the message by the customer.

We use your data to comply with regulations, and our partners may also need this information in compliance with the law and may require us to provide data including:

● confirm your identity when you sign up or get in touch.

● check your records.

● adhere to laws and regulations (this means that it is sometimes necessary to share customer details with regulators, tax authorities, law enforcement or other third parties).

● for legal purposes, in court or in the stages leading to possible legal actions resulting from improper use of bookingpratonevoso.com.

● requesting to disclose personal data at the request of public authorities.

We also use your data for legitimate interests such as marketing purposes. This legitimate interest is the relationship between the data subject and the controller. Although email marketing is generally allowed without consent, at least for existing customers you are free to unsubscribe as a recipient of bookingpratonevoso.com newsletters by contacting our support at info@pratonevoso.com.

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